What would you do if you were in the Wyoming backcountry and you suddenly realized you were being charged by a grizzly? One Wyoming hunter did something highly unusual. He suddenly became famous lawman Wyatt Earp.

This man vs bear encounter happened many moons ago. Think nearly a decade ago. It is a short, but sweet video showing hunters who saw a grizzly coming through the trees and heading their way.

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The hunters made their presence known with the bear briefly charging, standing on its hindquarters and eventually deciding to break contact. Why did the grizzly decide not to tangle with these two? It could have something to do with the hunter in the forefront suddenly channeling his inner Wyatt Earp. See if you recognize the famous movie line he utters as he stares down the bear.

That's a unique approach to grizzly bear safety. The fact that he was equipped with a pretty powerful handgun probably helped even his odds and make him feel like he was in "Tombstone".

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