Just in time for Father's Day 2021, career search website, Zippia, released a new study listing "The Daddest States: Where Dad Jokes Abound".

According to the study, the Cowboy State ranked 16th overall, which definitely isn't bad when compared against the rest of the country. Where Wyoming really shined was that we were listed as the "home of the dad joke". I truly believe we should put that on our license plates somewhere.

The Daddest States

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To figure out how the states were individually scored, Zippia used a four dad factor system, which is:

  • Average amount spent yearly on a child in each state
  • BBQ Obsession
  • Interest in New Balance (the shoe company notoriously known for being the dad brand)
  • Popularity of Dad Jokes

As a father of four, I find Zippia's scoring system somewhat hilarious. I have never owned a pair of New Balance kicks in my entire life (we'll blame my nickname for that), but new school rapper, Jack Harlow, has recently made them popular with the youth. The other three key factors are pretty much on the money though, in my humble opinion.

It's also worth mentioning that we beat out our southern neighbors in Colorado by a pretty decent margin (they ranked 24th overall).

Being considered one the "Daddest" states is flattering to me. We will take this small victory in stride!

Wyoming's Best Dad Jokes

Sent to us by Wyoming Dad's for Father's Day

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