I have to apologize upfront. It's not like this was a fight to the death or anything.

It was just the biggest thing that happened in Sweetwater County Wyoming all month, so it made the headline of the local paper, with a full-color photo.

You can have a look at the actual newspaper cover at this link.

This particular possum is a male and roughly the size of a small house cat. Dubbed “George” by Thomas, she does not believe that he is domesticated, or has been living as someone’s pet. Rather, possums often seek refuge in dark, tight spaces, and she believes it most likely that George hitched a ride on a semi on the interstate and probably went looking for food when the rig’s driver stopped to rest or for fuel. (Rocket Miner).

So, they finally got GEORGE!

But how did he get here? Opossums are not even native to Wyoming. Perhaps someone was keeping him as a pet. No one is sure.

This map will show you where these animals are native. They really don't like areas like Sweetwater County, with all due respect to the people who live out there. Opossums just don't like it where you live.

attachment-Where possims live YouTube

Well, don't worry. George is about to have a much better life than he has had up to now.

Animal control will keep him for about a week. They will test him to make sure he is healthy. Then he will be sent to another part of the U.S. where it is more suitable for opossums and they are more likely to be friendly. Maybe he will even find a sweetheart.

Too bad George scared the neighbors. They are actually good for the neighborhood. They eat ticks and fleas in large numbers. They love eating snakes, even poisonous ones. They also eat just about any junk they can find, cleaning up the neighborhood.

They actually do not get rabies, though you would think that was not true the way they hiss at people.

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