It's always a joy to see Wyoming folk on national television... even if it's on a tabloid show like Maury.

Laramie resident Shelby Abell and Casper natives, Kyle Vollmer and Jordan "Doc" Suess, appeared on the show, May 18th, 2017.

We spoke with Jordan who explained how the experience happened. The three friends were driving around Denver when Shelby and Kyle (who are dating) got into a little verbal scuffle. Jordan suggested they do a paternity test on the Maury show.

After calling the show and telling them the situation, about two months passed by. The trio received the call Maury wanted them on the show. They were all limo-ed to the Denver International Airport, flown to New York City and pretty much pampered for the entire trip.

While there were some very harsh words being thrown around on the clip above, Shelby and Kyle are still together and all three of them remain good friends. If you want to find out if the baby does really belong to Kyle though... well, you'll just have to watch the entire show.

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