In the words of Homer Simpson, “Mmm… Beer.” Playboy magazine published a map that shows each state’s favorite beer. The map is based on geodata from Ranker’s beer survey. Ranker is a website that lets you vote up or down on just about anything.

Most of the beers across the US were made from major brewers, but were not the typical beer. A lot of states pick Guinness as their beer of choice like South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. Colorado and Utah chose Fat Tire.

Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, according to Playboy, like Stella Artois. Stella is made by InBev which took over Anheuser Busch in 2008. InBev is a Belgium based company whose operation supplies beer to over 130 countries.

Personally, I think Stella Artois is a good beer, but I’ve yet to see people on the lake drinking them. What do you think? Tell us on Facebook.