A lot of good was done in Wyoming in 2017, but which campaigns were we most passionate about?

We saw a lot of tragedy in 2017. We saw a lot of devastation and heartache. Yet, in the midst of all of that, we saw something truly magical. Regardless is anyone wanted to give the "good news" the time of day, 2017 was definitely a year of loving on one another and picking others up when they are down. This happened on a national level, but also right here in Wyoming.

GoFundMe has the proof in their "A Year in Giving" report.

Each year, the campaign fundraising site crunched the numbers on campaigns started and the number of donors. As a global do-good network, we can see these numbers all around the world and even down to each individual state. The Cowboy state as a whole had 22,879 donors making a difference in the lives of others. We even had 1,842 campaigns started right here in our own backyard.

That's a lot of good.

To break it down even further, GoFundMe found the top campaigns in our state. These are the causes that we donated to most to.

Our top four campaigns in 2017 were:

Dear Shelly: Love is Talking in Jackson - This campaign, in support of Shelley Simonton's battle with melanoma, nearly doubled it's goal of raising $40,000.

Join the Fantastic Four Fight in Cheyenne - A family looking to help one of their own battle stage four pancreatic cancer, several liver tumors and a bone tumor in his spine started this campaign. Their goal of raising $15,700 was more than doubled.

GoClaudia! Conquering Lung Cancer in Lander - Claudia was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer and her loved ones have jumped in to help her in her fight. The goal is $50,000 and they are just over halfway to that number.

Mojo for JoJo Chapter 2 in Jackson - JoJo's family believed the cancer had been defeated, but unfortunately it returned. $50,000 is the goal and as it sits right now, they are more than halfway there.

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