Maybe you think this sounds a little too outrageous, but have you ever gone to a McDonald's as you're craving some ice cream, maybe even a McFlurry, and then you find out their ice cream machine is broken? It happens more than you'd think. But now, you can track the ones that actually work in real time.

Rashiq Zahid, a 24-year old software engineer has created a new website that will tell you if the ice cream machine at your local McDonald's is broken or not. It's pretty simple, the website (great website name, right) will show all the McDonald's locations in the U.S. If the location shows a green dot, the ice cream machine there is working. If it shows a red dot, the ice cream machine is broken.

So how does this work? Essentially what Zahid did to make this happen was that he created a bot. Like shopping through Grubhub, when you add an item to your cart, and then pay when you're ready. But instead of going through with the final transaction, the bot would just remove the item after initially successfully adding the ice cream associated menu item. But if the item could not be added to the cart successfully, the item is typically shown as "Currently unavailable", which would mean the ice cream machine at that McDonald's is not working properly.

The bot orders ice cream items off the menu every half hour to reassure that the locations registered result of their ice cream machine is accurate. You would think there's a chance that maybe McDonald's may not be happy with this, however, McDonald's VP of U.S. Communications, David Tovar, recently tweeted this:

So now before you get all worked up to order that Chips Ahoy McFlurry at your closest Cheyenne McDonald's that you've been craving all day, you can check out to see if that McDonald's actually has a working ice cream machine to make that item. If it comes up red, you're out of luck. But if it comes up green, enjoy that Chips Ahoy McFlurry to its fullest from your local McDonald's.

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