Casper and Cheyenne should be prepared for a lot of snow coming up on Wednesday. While your favorite local news outlet has by now already shared the forecast of the upcoming winter storm, you can be sure it is definitely going to happen when YouTube star Frankie MacDonald also reports it.

Since October 2018, the amateur weatherman has already accurately reported two major winter storms to hit the Cowboy State. If this third prediction is accurate (and it appears it will be), Frankie will be 3 for 3.

In each forecast, Frankie called out Casper and Cheyenne specifically, sharing safety gems like:

Go grocery shopping. Don't wait until the last minute. Do it now!  

And also:

When you're driving your car, take your time. Slow down, so you don't get in any driving accidents.

He's not wrong. Heed his warning and be prepared. Don't let this 60°-70° temperatures fool you. There's an estimated six to ten inches of snow coming our way! Thanks for the heads up, Frankie!

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