Just when we're ready for spring to stick around, Mother Nature throws a curb ball. We already received a taste of snow earlier this week, but according to the internet's favorite amateur meteorologist, Frankie MacDonald, the Cowboy State, especially Casper and Cheyenne, could be looking at another two feet of snow by the end of this weekend (March 14th, 2021).

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In his latest YouTube video, Frankie goes into detail about the imminent major winter storm heading our way.

Frankie's prediction is pretty much on point with what other major weather and news outlets have been saying, including our own earlier prediction of 13 inches of snow. In the video, he gives some excellent advise on how to prepare for the storm and most importantly, not waiting until the last minute to do so.

Big props to Frankie, especially for how he ended the video. He closed with saying:

Take care and stay safe and don't get caught in the major storm. Stay warm and be safe.

We'll try our best and thank you!

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