If you've been to the Casper Walmart on the west side of town today (Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023), you may have flashbacks from the early pandemic days.

*Yes, in case you were wondering, this photo was taken this morning at the west side location.*  

While not all store shelves are this bare (yet), they may be sooner than later in the upcoming days. With road closures hampering delivery trucks and delaying others, a large portion of local residents got the jump on their shopping needs when news of the imminent winter storm conditions were first reported. Once the snow began falling yesterday afternoon, even more flocked to their nearest grocery store.

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As you can see from the pic above, milk is going quickly. Other items that there are scarce are produce.

If you don't have to leave your homes, I'd personally advise staying home, but if you do need to stock up on necessities, I would also highly advise doing it today before stock gets in shorter at stores and/or the roads get any worse, because they more than likely will in the next couple of days.

There is some good news however. Casper residents haven't panicked and bought up all of the toilet paper this time around.

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