It's always interesting to hear an outsider's view about Wyoming, especially when it's honestly and not overly defamatory.

A gentlemen by the name of Dave, that runs the YouTube channel, The Wyoming Project, posted a video outlining the top five things he's learned after living in Cody for the past year.

The about section of his YouTube channel states:

Come join us as we learn how to live in Wyoming just outside of Yellowstone National Park. We have a lot to learn and do ranging from building a Homestead, raising animals, every outdoor adventure and sport imaginable, keeping up our fitness to do all these things, and learning what it takes to be Cowfolk. Every day is an adventure with us!

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Over the course of the nearly 14 minute long video, Dave breaks down the pros and cons of living in the Cowboy State.

While not everything was positive, it was a very honest review. He pointed out that Wyoming is ranked 3rd in the country for the highest divorce rate (although as 2021, we're now ranked 10th). Still, the overall review was positive.

He added an interesting bonus 6th thing he learned about living here, were he joked about County 9's driving prowess or lack thereof.

If there is one thing to take away from the video, it's that Dave loves it here and advises anyone, not just the older generation (he actually said: check it out while you're young), to give Wyoming a try.

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