To all those that think the voice of the people is never heard... think again. After receiving a ton of negative backlash from the upcoming Pay-For-View celebrity boxing match where George Zimmerman was set to fight rapper/actor DMX, the promoter behind fight, Damon Feldman has backed down.

Zimmerman, who gained notoriety after being found not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin early last year, was approached by Feldman to initially do the fight. There was a massive online submission for anyone interested in getting in the ring with Zimmerman, but it was DMX that was chosen over the 15,000 other applicants.

The fight was thought to be highly lucrative for Feldman, but with several online petitions addressed to the Obama Administration and a general outcry of the public not wanting to see the fight happen, he announced via his personal Twitter account yesterday that he would not be pursuing it any further.

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