You never really know a place, or the people who live there, until you've actually spent some time there.

Since most people have never been to Wyoming, and the people who have were only trouist staying for a short while, there are a lot fo myths about the state.

Lets have a look at what most people get wrong about Wyoming.

1. Everyone wears cowboy hats and boots.
You'll see plenty of those things for sure but the people of Wyoming dress as diverse as anywhere else in the nations. There are many different lifestyles here and styles of clothing that go with it.

2. The people of Wyoming are Super Conservative.
More so than most other states, but not everyone. There is a wide ranger of points of view in the state. Jackson and Laramie Wyoming at mostly Democrat stong holds.

3. For fun the people of Wyoming go Cow Tipping And Whiskey Drinking
Try again. Hunting. Fishing. Camping. A lot of outdoor adventures including hiking and horse back riding, motocycle riding, boating. But the people of Wyoming also enjoy most other sports you can find in the rest of the country.

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4. Everyone LOVES country music.
Country music is popular here. But so is just about every other form of music. Modern styles can be heard as people crank up their radios at stoplights.

5. Wyomngites are just a bunch of uneducated RUBES!
ACTUALLY - the school graduation rate is far above most states. Grades are high. College education is important but also many people went to trade school and now earn HUGE money working in enenergy and agraculture.

6. People form Wyoming DO NOT sound like they are from the South.
Often when people see cowboy boots and hat they break into a southern drawl. But the folks in Wyoming actually have what is called a Mid Western Accent. It's an easy to understand and rather plane way of speaking.

7. Wyoming people eat meat and potatoes at every meal.
Wyomingites do love their steak. But the menue out there is diverse. Chinese and indian resturants are popular. They love mexican foods.

Portrait of an african american woman eating pizza at outdoor restaurant

8. Wyoming hates Colorado.
Not really. It's more like Wyoming is just very disappointed in Colorado.

9. Kids ride horses to school
Not since the invention of the school bus. Though Wyoming does have quite a few one room school houses, for our smallest towns.

10. The Only Thing Worth Seeing Is Yellowstone National Park
There is so much to see in Wyoming that if all you did was go to Yellowstone, you really missed out on some amaizing life experiences.

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