There are some phrases you just don't say to Casperites.

Some people say things to annoy and some say things out of curiosity. However, they don't realize the simple utterance of certain phrases annoy many people.

  • Who cares about the oil fields?

    Not a question that anyone wants to be asked these days. The Oil Fields help make up the backbone of our economy and this is certainly not a time to even think of asking this.

    You could get punched. You've been warned!



    Three Lions, Getty Images
  • I thought Chicago was the Windy City?

    It's true that Chicago is a bigger city with the distinction of being "the windy city." That's more a political phrase when it comes to the wind. They blow a lot of 'hot air.'

    Anybody that's ever spent any time Casper, knows the wind is more often than not our friend!


    Brendon Thorne, Getty Images
  • Don't you all still ride Horses to Work?

    It's true we love our horses, and they were instrumental in development of the west. We do have modern conveniences and the Postal Service delivers our mail via vehicles, just like any other place. The Pony Express served it purpose, however it's still honored today with the re-ride. So, if someone ask about our mode of transportation, just smile and hip them up to fact that saddle time is for relaxation and ranch work. We sometimes serve 'em beer after a hard days work too.

    Michael Steele, Getty Images
  • Have you ever gone hunting with Dick Cheney?

    Former Vice President, Dick Cheney, is one of the best known Wyomigites. On or around February 11th, 2006, Cheney was quail hunting with Harry Whittington, a Texas attorney when Cheney accidentally shot Mr. Whittington. There was controversy surrounding the shooting. To answer to question, No,I haven't been hunting with Dick Cheney and if I were thanks!


    Jeff Swensen, Getty Images
  • Do you serve Sweet Tea?

    Don't even ask! The answer is NO! Most servers will be happy to bring you some sugar packets to sweeten your tea, however any sweet tea drinking person will tell you, "that's not gonna work." No self respecting southerner drinks tea that's not pre-sweetened.

    It's a fact that I only get the goodness that is sweet tea at home. I'm not mad though.

    Nick Yapp, Getty Images