Have we gone a little over the top when it comes to zero tolerance in schools?  A little 6 year old Colorado boy named Hunter was suspended for a day for kissing a little girl on the hand during reading class.  Sounds innocent enough, however they suspended him for a day with serious charges on his record, sexual harassment!

Hunter has been in trouble in school before; he was suspended for rough housing in class.  However his mother has been working with Hunter on his behavior in class, and was shocked to learn from the principal at the school that Hunter kissing a little girls hand amounted to sexual harassment, something she would like to have removed from Hunter’s record.  She says that Hunter knows that he did something wrong, but is now asking her all sorts of questions including about sex.  Hunter’s mom feels that this charge should never have been linked to Hunter.  The school says they were simply intervening on behalf of the little girl who wanted Hunter's unwanted behavior to stop.   Watch the story here!

So what say you, should Hunter have the charge of sexual harassment permanently on his school record, or did the school over react when it came to a little boy kissing a little girls hand?



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