It's been said that 'Those who can't do, teach,' and never has a statement been more erroneous.

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Educators, especially in Natrona County, do more than they know. That's why things like the Academic Awards Banquet was created.

According to a press release from the Natrona County School District, "The Academic Awards Banquet began in 1998 to recognize the exemplary work of the top 10 percent of each school’s graduating seniors and the educators who have significantly contributed to their high academic achievement. Student growth, high academic achievement, and positive influential adult-student relationships are foundational components contributing to the success of students, schools, and our community. The group of students and educators honored as part of this community tradition exemplifies the successful attainment of that goal."

Students who are honored are able to nominate three educators who they believe have contributed to their own academic achievement and/or positively influenced their educational journey. The educators who received the most nominations from students were chosen to be honored as an Ellbogen Meritorious Educator at the Awards Banquet.

The funding for the awards and the banquet come from the John P. Ellbogen Foundation and the Ruth R. Ellbogen Foundation.

"Congratulations to the 2022 Ellbogen Meritorious Educators on this recognition and exceptional honor," the press release stated. "Your outstanding work to provide all students with positive and inspiring opportunities to excel and achieve high academic success has made a lasting positive impact on their educational journey and, ultimately, a significant positive contribution to educational excellence and our community. Thank you."

The Natrona County School District said that they are honored to parnter with the Academic Awards Banquet Committee, as well as with the Casper College Foundation, the Ellbogen Foundations, and all of the educators for "their significant support and dedication to empowering every learner to grow, excel, and become successful contributors to our community."

The 2022 Ellbogen Meritorious Educators are:

  • Karen Bayert
  • Kimberly Kent
  • Annette Pace
  • Randy Bower
  • Rebecca Sondag
  • Anne Barreda
  • Todd Trupp

The Academic Awards Banquet Committee and the Natrona County School District also named the 2022 Significant Educators:

Michelle Adkins
Timothy FaussCarla LarsenDonna Scott
Megan AmadioKathleen FinchJennifer LewisChad Sharpe
Daryl AmadorBridget FinkAaron MakelkyPeter Sipes
Cheryl AndersonJason FoeryCody MarvelKaoru Slotsve
Christopher AsayBrenda FoyElizabeth MastersonErnest Smith
Jamie BachertJim FulkersonRandy McIntyreGene Smith
Dwight BallardShawn GallesAndrea MillerJessica Snell
Jeff BarkellBrent GreeneHannah MillerRebecca Sondag
Kristy BarrSteve GrussendorfPamela MillerBud Sorensen
Anne BarredaCheri GrutkowskiBen MitchellPaula Sorensen
Karen BayertBridget GwilliamCaroline MoorenJim Spaulding
Christine Beamer
Victoria Haight
Matthew NeelyWhitney Speiser
Casey BeckSarah HansonMichelle NicolShireen Stafford
Katherine BoehnkeElizabeth HarrisMichelle OnstottMeegan Steinberg
Eleanor BolenderAngela HartlChristine OwenErin Stillwell
Jennifer BowerDustin HebertRyan OwensBecky Strand
Randy Bower
Sue HeisnerAnnette PaceDevon Strube
Cynthia Brachtenbach
Karen HigginsonDanna ParkerJacob Stutheit
Steve Brater
Kim HilderbrandCarrie PattersonJared Swenson
Jane Brown
Kalen HillWendy PollockMatthew Teterud
Joni Bunce
Aaron HintonJill PomroyTodd Trupp
Rebecca Byer
April HischkeRonald PowellWayne Tuttle
Susan Carlson
Erik HoldenJosh ProppScott Underbrink
Angela Cavalier
Ashlie HowellTara RealingDaphne Vaughn
Jacob ChaloupkaDennis HowellBrandie ReedLeah Washington
Mark CimburekPaul HultDuane ReimerShawn Weis
Jamie ClouserArthur IrelandRandy RidgewayHeather Wetzel
Tobias ClouserCarla ItzenMack RiggsJolene Whitley
Aubrey CorbettStephanie JensenDesiree RileyBethany Williams
Amy CostelloJonna JohnsonAlicyn RobersonKristina Williams
Jeffery CrouseVicky JohnsonNicole RodenKristy Williams
Shawn DelaneyJill Felbeck-JonesChristy RodgersPatricia Williams
Gary DePaoloCatherine KellickKatarina RooneyLacey Wilson
Kristi DePoorterMelanie KellyBrent RoseJessica Winford
Mauro DiazKayla KennedyJo SchillerDebra Womack
Marcee DillerTraci KennedySusan SchillingErin Zavodny
Kerin DillonKimberly KentPeter SchmotzerRick Zimmer
Jenny EdwardsPatricia KindelZach Schneider 
Brianna FarrellLeah LangeSheryl Schroefel

So, anybody who says "those who can't do, teach," have clearly never met a teacher from Natrona County. Our teachers do so much. They prepare our children. They cultivate education.  They inspire greatness.

They save lives.

Teachers, especially in Natrona County, do more than they could never know. And for that, we thank them. We acknowledge them. We honor them.

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