The ecosystem in Yellowstone National Park involves multiple predators competing for food. A classic grizzly versus wolf encounter just happened when a wolf tried to steal a meal from a sleeping grizzly.

According to the date on the video, this happened a week ago on September 23.

The guy who captured the video shared that this is Grizzly 791 who took down an elk bull a few days ago and tried to bury the carcass, but wolves figured out what he was up to.

The wolf tried to sneak away some of the kill, but the grizzly wasn't really sleeping and quickly jumped over the carcass to ward the wolf away.

Another passerby shared video right after the bear took the elk down which attracted quite the crowd roadside.

I learned that Grizzly 791 is the same bear that just went snout-to-snout with another grizzly in a video that we shared a few days ago.

Gotta love nature being nature in Yellowstone. No place on Earth quite like the area that is our backyard where bears and wolves coexist.

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