Adele has had a couple of amazing years, and she could hardly be blamed for wanting to take a little time to soak it all in for awhile -- but she isn't planning to slow down.

In fact, she's already thinking about her next album.

While cautioning that she thinks the recording will "take a lot longer" than the process for her first two releases, '19' and '21,' Adele has revealed that her next effort "won’t be a big production ... I want it to be quite acoustic and piano-led. I want to write it, record it all, produce it all and master it on my own."

She added, "I’ve accumulated some things to write about again. I’d go into the studio tomorrow if I could."

'19' and '21' have combined for nearly 10 million albums in global sales, and Adele has enjoyed a pair of massive worldwide hits -- 'Chasing Pavements' and 'Rolling in the Deep' -- during an era when multi-format success is rarer than ever.

According to the singer, though, she isn't worried about living up to her past. She said, "I don’t really care about expectations. There was enough of it with this record. If you deliver the songs I think you get away with it. I’m not bothered. I’m not expecting my next record to be as big as this one. That’s impossible."