Celebrate America’s Birthday in the best state IN America. The city of Casper does not hold back one bit on 4th of July weekend!

From the amazing local food, live music, and of course, the ceremonial fireworks display at the Events Center which can be seen from practically anywhere in town.

While we don't recommend you miss out on OUR big event, still, we understand some people just want to break away from the maddening crowds.

So, rather than fight for a place to park near the center of the action, where else can one in Casper pick a plot and plop down on a blanket for a perfect view of the fireworks? We are curious, and want to hear from you!

Have you found a somewhat not-so-well-known area in the city that is the best place to see the big show? Perhaps somewhere else other than the Casper Events Center? Maybe on top of a local area building?

Let us know in the comments below! It's the patriotic thing to do.

Happy 4th of July, Casper!