We still don't know what exactly caused Solange Knowles to viciously attack Jay Z in the elevator after the Met Gala, but Beyonce is putting on a united front, posting several photos of herself with her sister on Instagram today, May 14.

Queen Bey posted four photos of the duo in happier times, each one of them featuring both Beyonce and Solange with huge smiles on their faces. In the first photo, the Knowles sisters have their arms around each other as they kick up their legs with excited expressions on their faces. (Check out the photo above.) The second features the ladies cuddled up in the bed of a truck together, with Beyonce resting her head on Solange's shoulder. She seems super peaceful in the pic, eyes closed and with a relaxed smile on her face.

The third shot shows Beyonce and Solange rocking the same shade of caramel hair, grinning from ear to ear as they lean their heads against each other. (You can see that shot here.) And the final shot -- taken just several weeks ago at Coachella -- may be the sweetest of all, showing the sisters wrapped in a warm embrace onstage as Solange looks happier than ever.

Of course, this is a sharp contrast from the violence that went down in the elevator, which showed Solange kicking, punching and pushing Jay Z as she screamed in his face. And it is also a far cry from Solange's Instagram account, which has reportedly been purged of almost every picture with Beyonce.

See the rest of Beyonce's Instagram pictures with Solange below.

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