Look at them now, they are shooting a video! Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown hooked up over the weekend in Los Angeles to film a mini-movie for their latest collaboration ‘Why Stop Now.’ The clip is being directed by the legendary Hype Williams who has helmed some of Busta’s classic videos in the late ’90s.

Bussa-Buss posted a few photos from the set on his Twitter account on Monday (Dec. 5). In one picture we see Busta and Brown posing in front of the camera dressed in all-black outfits. In another photo, we see Busta sitting on a raggedy mattress pondering about something in an empty room. “Incredible shoot [2 day] bro. Saaaaaaaalute!!!,” Busta tweeted to Brown.

No word on what the video’s concept is but if Hype Williams is behind the lens it’s going to be epic. Busta’s ‘Why Stop Now’ is his new single in association with Google Music. As we previously reported, the veteran rhyme-slinger signed with the top-tier rap label Cash Money Records. “It’s a golden moment for hip-hop,” Busta says of the partnership.