Casper City Council reviewed conceptual images of what could be the new Mike Sedar Pool at a recent work session.

Representatives with Denver-based Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative unveiled a proposed $1.8 million design concept for the swimming facility on Tuesday.

OLC Architecture senior principal Robert MacDonald says his firm has big plans for the once-neglected city pool.

“The vision for the pool now is to have three main bodies of water – one is a lazy river, or current pool, the other is a zero-depth entry pool with a play feature in it, and the other is an open body of water that can be used for swim lessons,” MacDonald said.

Councilors also reviewed optional facility upgrades for Mike Sedar Pool. Proposed add-ons include a $217,000 water slide and a $177,000 aquatic play area. A third option, which carries a $70,000 price tag, would give the optional aquatic play area a supplemental water treatment system.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager says, though she’s intrigued by the proposed add-ons, council will likely stick to just the base plan for now.

“(Council is) going to want to know more about what the final costs could be for those three options,” Schlager said. “Down the road, if this is a successful swimming pool, I think they’ll look at adding a few features.”

Mike Sedar Pool is expected to reopen next spring.