A local man by the name of Joel Rice recently competed in the televised edged weapon contest, Forged In Fire: Knife or Death.

Knife or Death is a spin-off of the original Forged In Fire television show that airs on the History Channel.

Joel is proficient in numerous martial arts, ranging from karate, jujitsu and Eskrima (Filipino martial arts). He is currently working as campus supervisor and security officer at Casper College. His blade of choice for the contest was a modified Kambantuli, which is a traditional Filipino machete.

On each episode, eight contestants compete through two rounds, using edged weapons that they have either forged themselves or had fabricated to their specifications. They must submit their weapons to a preliminary examination by two-time Forged in Fire champion Travis Wuertz. A contestant can be immediately disqualified in case of a safety issue or failure. The contestant who finishes the second-round course in the shorter time advances to the season finale, where a $20,000 cash prize is up for grabs.

Joel brandished his weapon like a pro and exhibited precise movements and control throughout the contest. It is no wonder he emerged victorious!

Congrats, Joel!

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