Casper has topped another national list! Food and travel website Thrillist recently named the best sandwich in each state and Wyoming's number one spot goes to the Sandwich Bar.

Located in the heart of downtown Casper, the Sandwich Bar gives you the chance to create your own masterpiece. Locally owned and operated by Stan Fairbank, it's a great place to grab breakfast or lunch.

Thrillist had nothing but positive things to say about the business:

It’s a concept so simple it’s a wonder you don’t see it everywhere: Basically, Sandwich Bar takes the concept of a salad bar and applies it to sandwiches. So you roll in, pick a bread from eight options ranging from hoagie to jalapeño/cheddar, then you go to town. Feeling like something light? Load a bunch of veggies and light dressings onto wheat bread. Feeling indulgent? Stack every kind of meat -- all either carefully sourced or roasted in-house -- and a dairy’s worth of cheese onto a sub roll. Can’t decide? Talk to the crazy-friendly workers who are more than happy to share their tips and hacks to sandwich perfection they’ve honed during more than a decade watching people make their dream sandwiches. Then weigh it, pay, and eat.

After speaking with the staff about their traffic during the eclipse weekend, people from around the globe agree. The Sandwich Bar is an experience that just can't be beat!

Sandwich Bar - Outside - Casper, WY
DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media


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