We always get our cute-as-a-button redheaded actresses mixed up, and Amy Adams and Isla Fisher are no exception. Thankfully, unlike some of our other doppelgangers, these ladies take on such different film roles that it's easy enough to tell them apart.

Amy Adams usually takes on pretty innocent film roles. You may recognize her as the princess who escapes into our dimension in 'Enchanted,' one of the few humans in 'The Muppets,' the devoted Julia Child blogger in 'Julie & Julia' and straight-laced reporter Lois Lane in the upcoming 'Man of Steel' film. Bottom line is she's so adorable she rots out our teeth.

Meanwhile, Isla Fisher is known for her breakout performance as the faux-virgin nymphomaniac in 'Wedding Crashers' (not very surprising for the lady who married Sacha Baron Cohen). She went on to play Jason Schwartzman's girlfriend/half-sister in 'Bored to Death' and will be starring in the debauchery filled 'The Great Gatsby' later this year.

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