If you love comedy, you probably know the name Phyllis Diller.  Many female comediennes agree that if it wasn’t for her pioneering spirit, at a time where most everything, including comedy was dominated by men, that they themselves would not be able to do what Phyllis loved to do, make people laugh.  However, there was a little glitch on Facebook that announced that Phyllis Diller has passed away, and they’re right, she did…last year!

Many people on Facebook are getting a link to the story of Phyllis,  that stemmed from a television station in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and apparently they’re even baffled as to how a story that they covered last summer, suddenly became a headlining story all over again.    The television station put out a statement basically saying that the story that’s been circulating must have been a Facebook error, adding this recommended page in the timelines of many Facebook users.  (By the way, Phyllis Diller left this world on August 20th, 2012.)  One can’t help to think that Phyllis is somewhere laughing at her re-demise!

Any stories you know of that were a result of a “glitch?”

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