Today is International Lefthanders Day! As a southpaw, I try to remember that it lands on the calendar the same date every year (August 13th) since 1976!

Considering we lefties only make up about 10% of the World's population, it is only right that we get our own day. Left-handed people are probably the most discriminated against (albeit unintentionally) on the face of the entire planet. Keep in mind most tools, touchscreen cell phones and the vast majority of sporting equipment is catered for the rest of the predominantly right-handed populace.

International lefthanders Day celebrates our uniqueness and differences, as well as a few facts that aren't really that well known. ILD spreads awareness about the special needs of left-handed kids and also that left-handers are far more likely to develop schizophrenia than right-handers, for reasons not well understood, at this point.

There are plenty of websites that celebrate the day and wrong-handers in general (by the way... I hate when righties use such a derogatory). Two of the main websites are: