Wyoming is know for our beautiful open spaces. This awesome new drone video from Stengel Media showcases Thermopolis from the sky.

The one and a half minute video opens with a low aerial shot of the words "The World's Largest Mineral Hot Springs" emblazoned on the face of a mountain, before the drone soars high into the air. Stengel Media captioned the video:

Has to make a quick pit stop to fly this awesome spot in Thermopolis, WY!
#GoProHERO9 #gopro #wyoming #hotsprings #thermopolis

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If you're looking to check out more high quality drone videos, especially that highlight the Cowboy State, make sure to follow Stengel Media on Facebook here.

It's probably been a good decade since the last time I personally visited Thermopolis, but watching this video reminded me that I not only do I need to go back, but I need to plan a family vacation around it.

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