Authorities, and employees of FDL energy are still trying to find the ultimate cause, and the ultimate solution to the apparent leaks that forced the closing of the Midwest School two weeks ago.

Kelly N. Weidenbach, Executive Director of the Casper-Natrona County Health Department sent out a press release outlining their progress so far. A well next to the school has been capped, and the water system for the town tested, and so far the water is uncontaminated.

But inside the school, the levels of carbon dioxide and other compounds are still too high, and they continue looking for the reason. Here is the full release...

Midwest, WY June 8, 2016: "FDL Operating, LLC will continue to maintain full-scale surveillance until this issue is resolved. The company has established an information contact number at (307) 462-9112 and encourages all area residents to call with questions or concerns.

The City of Casper-Natrona County Health Department (CNCHD) continues to work with FDL Operating, LLC and the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and other supporting agencies to address an ongoing gas leak in Midwest, WY.

“In the last week, we have had meetings with the Agency for Toxic Substance Disease Registry the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as well as our state and local partners to find a path forward for addressing any health issues that may be affecting the residents of Midwest.” said Audrey Gray, Public Health Preparedness Manager for the Casper-Natrona County Health Department. “This includes additional testing of individual homes with basements, on a voluntary basis. FDL Operating, LLC is working with the Town of Midwest Mayor and Town Council to inform residents of the option for testing in their homes to ensure the only area of concern is the school.”

The Agency for Toxic Substance Disease Registry and the Environmental Protection Agency are assisting FDL Operating and Department of Environmental Quality with technical assistance for a monitoring and sampling plan moving forward. In addition, they will be assisting the Casper-Natrona County Health Department with methodology to gather health information regarding symptoms that may have been experienced by Midwest residents in relation to the gas leak.
No Midwest water supply issues have been reported to the health department from the Central Wyoming Regional Water System. Midwest receives their water from the Central Wyoming Regional Water System that comes from Casper.

“We have done extensive monitoring and testing, and have not detected any hydrogen sulfide” said Justin Westmoreland, Rockies Region Manager with FDL Operating, LLC. “We have successfully sealed a well adjacent to the school and are continuing to do analysis of additional wells surrounding the school.
This is the highest priority item for our company.”

“FDL Operating, LLC has been highly responsive to our needs at the school district.” said Steve Hopkins, Superintendent of Schools for Natrona County School District #1.

Volatile Organic Compounds and elevated levels of carbon dioxide have been detected inside Midwest School. VOC’s are a class of compounds made from carbon from the breakdown of living things. “Any time you have any type of oil and gas production, there is a chance you would have VOC’s present.”
stated Keith Guille, the public information officer with the Department of Environmental Quality.
The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and FDL Operating, LLC will be testing the inside air quality of Midwest School this week, focused on identifying specific VOC’s that may be present in the environment. Results will be analyzed by an independent lab and may take as long as a week to return."