The six couples still standing on 'Dancing with the Stars' had the Halloween spirit, doing themed dances devoted to the spooky holiday — one each per couple, and then another dance that split the group into two teams.

J.R. Martinez was only okay and Rob Kardashian was pretty darned good, which made us fear the zombie apocalypse was indeed upon us.

So which routines were tricks — and which were treats?


Rob and Cheryl

Tango to 'The Addams Family' Theme



Rob and Cheryl got a great song, and Cheryl worked the choreography nicely. Rob stayed in character and danced so well that even Len Goodman called it “terrific.” Score: 9 8 8


Ricki and Derek

Paso Doble to 'Sweet Dreams' by Beyonce



Ricki and Derek danced a Little Red Riding Hood routine, and Derek's choreography was amazing as always. Ricki did something to one of her ribs during rehearsals and is in some pain, but she toughed it out and delivered a slick performance regardless. Score: 9 9 9


Team Paso Doble

Paso Doble to 'Bring Me to Life' by Evanescence



Derek and Ricki, Hope and Maks, and Cheryl and Rob made up Team Paso, which competed against the other three couples on Team Tango. But while the opposing pairs faltered, the Paso Doble squad threw down — and the judges loved it. Score: 9 8 9