23-year-old school teacher, Carly Mckinney has been fired from her job for posting naked pictures on Twitter, but probably more for the reason that she said she was "stoned".

Carly was a math teacher at Overland High School in the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colorado when the school board caught wind of her Twitter account, were she used the moniker: Carly Crunk Bear. She had been suspended after the intial investigation found tweets that read: "Naked. Wet. Stoned." and "... can't wait to roll up after school".

Last Friday, the school district released this statement:

The Overland High School teacher, who was placed on administrative leave after allegations of impropriety arose, is no longer employed by the District. The district will have no further comment as this is a personnel issue.


According to a Cherry Creek School District spokeperson, they were more concerned with the drug references then the so-called "racy" photos.


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