When we think of Bigfoot sightings, we usually think of the Pacific Northwest. But, we are no strangers to Bigfoot sightings. With all of our wilderness and national forest lands, our state could easily hide a mysterious critter. To this day, I still get a little nervous when walking in the woods alone. Not from fear of a bear or other predator, but from the thought of catching a glimpse of a hairy ape/man staring at me.

A dog equipped with a GoPro camera, recently captured some interesting footage in Oregon. A man scouting out a trail for an upcoming foot race in Beaverton, Oregon, decided to strap a GoPro to his dog and let the dog do the scouting for him. What the dog captured appears to be a sighting of Bigfoot.

See it for yourself.

Have you ever had a Bigfoot sighting while outdoors?