The question has been asked (multiple times on Facebook last evening), how I can call myself a disc jockey and never heard of Michael Buble'. I'm not sure exactly, but I stumbled upon his 3rd annual Christmas special last night and was amazed. The guy can really sing!

My first impression was how much his singing style reminded me of "Old Blue Eyes" himself, the great Frank Sinatra, albeit with a touch more soul and maybe just a hint of the King, Elvis Presley. I came in roughly at the middle of the special, and found myself unable to change the channel. I'm not even a big fan of Christmas music, usually, but his singing and his excellent accompaniment kept me mesmerized. Couple that with the extraordinary duets with the likes of Mariah Carey & Mary J. Blige, and you get a Christmas special that I'm sure I will be following for the years to come.