Stars Who Were Born Poor

From private jets and gigantic estates to blinding bling and bottle service in the VIP, celebrities lead the lives that leave many of us feeling envious. Despite all the luxuries they can afford however, some stars didn't always start off this way.

While there are were celebs who were born in designer onesies and silver spoons in their mouths (alright, maybe not all that extreme, but some were born wealthy), there are a number of stars who grew up in rough neighborhoods and houses with no running water. Some lived out of their cars. Take for instance Jim Carrey: When his dad lost his job, his family had to move into their van. Meanwhile, when Iggy Azalea first moved to America, she had no choice but to clean houses in order to feed herself. Then there's Jay Z, who learned at an early age how to make money by drug dealing in Brooklyn's Marcy Projects.

Find out which other celebrities rose up from rough times to thrive in the gallery above.

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