Something for Beyonce fans to do this Thanksgiving - ABC will debut her "I Am...World Tour" film on November 25.  The DVD comes out November 30, if you know someone who needs a little bootyliciousness in their Christmas stocking.  Will you be watching?    Some info on the film, from The Boombox:

The 90-minute film, which chronicles the 2009 international 'I Am...World Tour' tour, kicked off with footage from Beyonce's 98th tour performance, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her husband and rapper, Jay-Z joined her onstage to perform their 2003 collaboration 'Crazy in Love.' Then the film backtracks as the camera follows Beyonce on her journey through Ethiopia, Indonesia and Toyko -- just to name a few countries – as the 29-year-old beauty begins a daily "Day-Z" countdown. The film shows the diva hopping on a 24-hour flight home to spend 48 hours with her husband.

(via Beyonce Presents 'I Am...World Tour' Film in New York - The Boombox.)