Remember how Eminem promised us that album after Memorial Day this year? Yeah, we're still waiting, too.

Fortunately for fans, Slim Shady has released a new song to tide us over until the release of his eighth studio album.

His new track 'Symphony in H' clocks in around 90 seconds, but it's getting us seriously excited for Em's return. The 'Not Afraid' rapper is still lyrically head and shoulders above his contemporaries on this track rapping, "And I ain't chilling out / Got an Oscar but I'm still a grouch / I use it as a doorstop and a prop / For the broken leg for the couch."

The 'H' in the song title stands for hate and, boy, is Em as angry as ever. He raps, "Plus you remind me of cocaine, h-- / You always in the mirror with your face / So, I feel an urge to put you all in a line / And chop you with a razor blade, yo wait, / I'm an a-hole / Devil with a halo."

This track will appear on DJ Tony Touch's mixtape titled 'Piecemaker 3: The Return of the 50 MCs,' which is due out on July 9. (Side note: we actually counted 51 MCs on this mixtape. Misleading much!?)

As for Slim Shady's record (which is he taking his sweet time with), his label is expecting a full-length venture from the MC this year. Eminem is playing a small string of shows overseas in August, so we'd guess he'll be armed with some new material for those. We're also excited to see what exactly Chris Rock has to do with this project...

We'll all find out soon enough!

Listen to Eminem,  'Symphony in H'