The Internet was set ablaze in rumor last week when the Ferris Bueller "teaser" trailer was leaked onto Youtube. The video created a storm of speculation that we were going to be treated to a trailer for an upcoming Ferris Bueller's Day Off sequel. The full commercial was supposed to air during the Super Bowl. However it would appear that it's nothing more than an homage to the movie.

Yep, the whole thing is nothing more than a commercial for Honda's relaunch of their CRV.

And while I haven't seen official word, I am venturing a guess that Honda decided to leak the full commercial early because of the large amount of misconception that was going on.

With the speculation aside, I think the commercial isn't half bad. But releasing the "teaser" trailer was a huge mistake in my opinion. It will be interesting to see what this does for Honda's PR.

Teaser Trailer:

Full Length Commercial:


Looks like the boys over at AV Club got it figured out. They're so much smarter than I am. Read their article here.