If you haven't heard it yet, the rapper Afroman recently dropped a joint called "Wyoming". It's one of those songs that's so bad, it'll get stuck in your head all day.

From his latest effort Cross Country Pimpin', the "Because I Got High" star serenades the Cowboy State with a series of rhymes, including:

"Frontin' you lady on Interstate 80"

"Tryin' to stay alive on I-25"

"Afroman, in Cheyenne"

"Carry me to Laramie"

"In Casper, inhaling the friendly ghost. Exhale, now I'm doing the most"

"Doin' freaky things in Rock Springs"

"In Green River, I make the ladies shiver"

"I've got a private jet, plus a house on the hill over in Gillette"

"At the Sheraton in Sheridan"

So, just for fun, here's five more fresh ryhymes we'd like to hear on the Afroman WYO remix.

1. "Ballin' and shot callin' as I roll through Rawlins"

2. "When I'm in Lander, they call me Commander"

3. "All the ladies rejoice when I'm back in Dubois"

4. "Lookin' smooth like butter as I walk in Wamsutter"

5. "Livin' large like a Metropolis when I'm chillin' in Thermopolis"

(Warning: This is a rap song from the dude who gave us "Because I Got High". Definitely NSFW)