While neighboring states may not be so lucky, we're looking pretty healthy in the Cowboy State.

The holidays aren't all holly and jolly. Sure, it's the season of time with loved ones and new beginnings, but it's also flu season. YUCK! However, it looks like all of that hand washing and disinfecting is paying off for the state of Wyoming as our case numbers remain low.

This is according to Walgreens' weekly Flu Index.

This list has nothing to do with severity of symptoms, but it could indicate how likely you are to get sick since it's a measurement of cases that have been reported. Walgreens collects this data from their stores' prescription data for antiviral medications. They publish the results on a brightly-colored map and break it down even further into various markets that are most effected by the virus.

Here are the worst states for the flu this week:

1. Texas
2. Arkansas
3. Tennessee
4. West Virginia
5. Nebraska
6. Iowa
7. Idaho
8. Missouri
9. Oklahoma
10. North Carolina

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