FOX Batman prequel drama 'Gotham' notably divided critics and fans alike with last week's premiere, while early word on tonight's "Selina Kyle" isn't faring much better, but the pre-superhero TV series is forging full-steam ahead with a rogues gallery of Bat-mythology. A new trailer for the upcoming season reveals not only David Zayas as Sal Maroni, but also Victor Zsasz, Arkham Asylum City, and potentially even a nod to the villainous Scarecrow!

There's a lot to take in with the latest 'Gotham' trailer, which includes footage from tonight's "Selina Kyle" and beyond, but ever the Bat-mythology fans, we couldn't help zeroing in on the prominent placement of Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan). As if the killing scars on his arm weren't illuminating enough, the DC killer goes right ahead and announces his identity to the entire Gotham City Police Department! Too bad baby Bruce is still just learning the ropes of Gotham's infrastructure.

Additionally, we have our first look at 'Dexter' star David Zayas in the role of Gotham mobster Sal Maroni, jockeying for power against the raining Carmine Falcone (John Doman). Elsewhere, the Arkham district makes a first appearance alongside its titular asylum, while a familiar-looking burlap sack-hooded villain tortures a hapless victim. It might be a little early for a Scarecrow appearance, so for now consider that one a nod to the 'Batman Begins' appearance, at least until we hear differently.

We'll have a full review of 'Gotham''s latest entry "Selina Kyle" tonight, but in the meantime check out the jam-packed new trailer above, and give us your take on FOX's Bat-drama in the comments!