We knew it was going to happen, and today in a press conference scheduled for 11am eastern,  George Strait plans to announce the cities and dates for his final 2014 leg of his Cowboy Rides Away Tour.

He’ll be making the announcement at a  press conference at AT&T Stadium in Arlington,Texas, just 1 day after being the honorary coin toss caption during the Dallas Cowboy’s season opener against the New York Giants.

George started his Cowboy Rides Away Tour earlier this year, and said that he has no plans for any extensive touring after next year.  HOWEVER, it has been announced that George Strait will still make music, as the chief of MCA Nashville announced plans for George to record another 5 albums.

AND, it’s been RUMORED that George WILL plan to make one final stop at Cheyenne Frontier Days, possibly in the year 2015, even after his touring is over!

My husband and I were talking about our favorite George Strait Songs, and which one we’d be disappointed if George didn’t play in concert.  For my husband, it’s “How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls,” which I think is such an awesome song, especially since you could say it’s the theme song for our very own Wyoming Cowgirls Basketball team.  But the one I’d really be disappointed if he didn’t play would be “The Chair.”  That song still melts my heart like a stick of butter!

What one song of George Strait’s would you be disappointed if he didn’t play it in concert?