The reasoning behind this move is actually a good one.

Wyoming is such a gorgeous state that creates unique experiences you just can't get anywhere else. We're so spoiled to see such majestic wildlife at Yellowstone National Park, like the grizzly bear. Strong, fierce and oh so adorable when they're cubs, the grizzly bears are a staple and have been under government protections for more than 40 years.

We will see that change soon.

According to the Star Tribune, government officials say that the bears in our region, in and around Yellowstone, are no longer in danger of being wiped out. It's being called one of the greatest conservation success stories in the United States. The Tribune reports that back in 1975, there were just 136 bears in Yellowstone. Now, there are more than 700. By late July, we will see the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service turn over grizzly bear management to the Cowboy State, as well as Montana and Idaho.

Each state has expressed plans to allow limited bear hunts outside park boundaries.

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