Sunflowers aren't native to Wyoming, but it turns out we have the perfect conditions for them.

Wyoming has so much to offer all across the state. Beyond the big attractions, there are hundreds of hidden gems to be discovered for tourists and local alike. Many people in the state of Wyoming may not know that there is a giant sunflower field just outside of Laramie.

Have you been to it?

It's quite a sight to see from what I can tell on Only In Your State's website. The site says that the flowers were planted there and thanks to Wyoming's perfect, dry weather conditions they continue to thrive. It's also pretty lucrative as many of these sunflowers are exported to places as far at Europe.

And now is the perfect time to go see them!

Did someone say "photo shoot"? Sunflowers are in full bloom from July through September. This field of sunflowers is certainly eye-catching, but I'm willing to be this is not the only sunflower field you can find across the Cowboy state.

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