Somethings should never be mixed together. Ranch salad dressing and ice cream are at the very top of that list.

To say I'm brave when it comes to trying new food items is not quite accurate. Unhinged, unstable, partially demented, might be better adjectives. At any rate, I'm usually down to try anything... ONCE!

I should probably elaborate, I'll taste test almost anything once. If it's slimy and once alive, then I'm not doing it (i.e. snails, slugs, eel, etc.)

Now for this particular concoction, I knew it was coming. However, I was shocked at how quickly it made it's way to Casper. Usually, the Cowboy State is not anywhere remotely close to the front of the line for getting new products and services, but considering this is readily available at your local neighborhood Walmart, maybe that's why we got lucky this go round (if "lucky" is the correct term).

Introducing Van Leeuwen's ranch-flavored ice cream. If you're not familiar with the brand, they are know for having some pretty exotic and wild flavors. The newest, is this mash-up with the creators of ranch dressing, Hidden Valley Ranch.

Let me be the first to say, this was by far, the nastiest thing I have ever tasted in my entire life! It tastes exactly how you imagine it should, but the smell and the texture (in my humble opinion), make it so much worse.

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Since I had to suffer through the taste test, I asked my buddy and co-worker, Chelsea Marino, if she was brave enough to get in on it. Much to my surprise, she was! And that was even after being warned!

Chelsea completely swallowed her spoonful, although for the life of me, I have no idea how she managed that Herculean feat. Both Ian and I almost puked immediately.

It also worth noting that even after brushing my teeth and eating other things, it took an entire day to get that taste out of my mouth.

I have never had rocky mountain oysters, but I'm pretty sure I would prefer that.

If you are brave enough to try this abomination on camera, most definitely share your videos with us via the station app.

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