If there are two things I love (outside my children and the rest of my family), it's eating and eating spicy foods. So when my best friend alerted me yesterday (Wednesday, January 11th, 2022), to a new limited time, food challenge being done by Arby's, I had to check it out.

First and foremost, let me begin by saying how overjoyed I was that Casper actually got it the first day at both our locations. We tend to be last to get new fast food trends, if we ever even get them at all. That being said, props to Arby's, because in the past, we did get both their limited edition venison and elk sandwiches too, and that was way back in 2017.

Enter the brand new Diablo sandwich. There are two variations, one chicken and one brisket. I choose the brisket version, which consists of smoked brisket, ghost pepper jack cheese, fiery seasoning, fire-roasted jalapenos, pickles, lettuce, mayonnaise, and a Diablo BBQ sauce on a toasted red chipotle bun. It also comes with a free small vanilla shake, which is in their words: "to help cool you down".

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I personally didn't think it was that hot. Yes, it has a little kick, but nothing so fiery that I was forced to drink the vanilla shake. Full disclosure though, after I finished the entire sandwich, my nose was running a little.

According to US Today, Arby’s also will have a challenge on TikTok by using the hashtag, #ArbysDiabloDare. Starting Tuesday, January 18th, 2022, fans can go to TikTok and “use a branded effect filter to show their followers how much of the Diablo Dare sandwich they can take before reaching for relief with the vanilla shake.”

The Diablo Dare will be available through February 6th, 2022, so you still have plenty of time to try it out... if you dare!

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