I am a foodie, simple and plain. I'm always brave. I'll try just about anything once. The problem is, my close friends and family members know this, so often times, I end up being a guinea pig for new food trends. If you remember those old Quaker Oats - Life cereal commercials, were the kids go: "Mickey likes it". I feel like that's me. I'm Mickey... a.k.a. the human test dummy.

This is the second time my best friend talked to me into doing a TikTok food challenge. The first one was the Ranch Pickle Challenge, which if I'm being honest, was actually pretty good, but it took about 12 hours. This one was little easier. This one still involved a Hidden Valley Ranch packet though. Enter the Ranch Flaming Hot Cheetos Challenge.

If I'm being honest, Cheetos aren't my favorite chip/snack choice anyway. I'll eat them if they're around, but I normally don't buy them for myself (although my kids love the Flaming Hot flavor). This was easy enough challenge to do. All you have to do is empty a ranch packet into a regular size bag of Cheetos and shake it up and your ready to go. Considering how easy that was, I decided to give it a shot.

@dj_nykeBecause I like food and trying new things... ##cheetos ##flaminghotcheetos ##ranch ##hiddenvalleyranch ##snacktime ##heartattack♬ Crushin' - Inst. - J Dilla

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It wasn't bad. It was pretty decent actually, but different than the pickle challenge, I cant see myself doing this on a regular basis.

Feel free to send me other food challenges. As I stated earlier, I'm normally down to try anything... once!

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