When it comes to food and social media challenges, usually, I'll try anything once, but when you mix two things that I'm already a fan of separately, it's a no brainer that I'm going to give it go.

Enter the latest TikTok food challenge, the ranch pickle challenge (#RanchPickleChallenge). I was alerted to this one by my best friend, Kerry Carabajal, who knows I'm already a big fan of pickles. When I saw how easy this one was to prepare, I was immediately down to try it. Basically there's only a few easy steps:

  • buy a jar of your favorite pickles (dill pickles work best)
  • buy a packet of ranch dressing mix
  • pour mix in pickle jar
  • shake
  • refrigerate 10-12 hours
  • enjoy
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I used my favorite brand of pickles, Claussen Pickles and a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch (since they were the inventors of ranch).

I really enjoyed the ranch pickles. It gives them a really strong, but different flavor. It is worth noting that it is a little salty, but I'm a salt-a-holic (which is not technically a real word yet, but if you use it in a sentence, folks catch the meaning), so it was right up my alley. I am planning on using the remaining ranch/pickle brine to make my own pickles after I finish the few I have left.

So my official opinion is I'm a big fan of the ranch pickles. They're easy to make, not to expensive and I'm definitely going to make them again. The only thing I'm upset at is that I never thought to try this on my own. Someone out in TikTok land is a genius.

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