Dear Officer,

Let me start off by saying, I'm not sure if you were with the Casper Police Department, Evansville Police Department or the Mills Police Department (or technically any one of the many in our area), but I'm sorry that I couldn't make out your vehicle clearly as I was trying not to die.

Friday morning (January 12th, 2024), as I was driving to work at about 5:30 am, I was heading northbound on Wyoming Boulevard. As it was early, the city workers hadn't quite made it that far east, as I would assume, they were still working on cleaning off 2nd Street. At any rate, I am extra cautious, because this is the exact area of my car accident that happened last year around this time when my vehicle was totaled.

I was going about 25 - 30 mile per hour, which was me adjusting for road the conditions. As I approached the intersection near the Pilot Flying J Travel Center, I started slowing down approximately five car lengths before the stop light. Apparently that wasn't enough (or the roads were just that bad), because I slid right through the light.

First off, props to all the vehicles that were traveling perpendicular to me, because they all waited for my slide to finish, before entering the intersection. As I was already halfway through said intersection, I kept going to remove myself from everyone's way.

That was when I spotted you, Mr. Officer. As I am sure you saw the entire thing transpire, I am grateful for your candor.

Again, having been in a pretty serious accident in that exact same spot eleven months prior, I am extra careful, and still a little shaken up over it, as that was my first real collision in my then forty-sixth year of life.

You can be sure I was even more careful on the rest of my journey.

Thank you again,


Your friendly neighborhood radio DJ.

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