Casper Fire-EMS recently announced that a group of everyday Casper citizens saved a man's life.

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According to a press release from Casper Fire-EMS, in December of 2021, a Casper resident was shopping at Smith's Grocery store when they suddenly went into cardiac arrest.

"The staff of Smith's, along with a bystander, recognized the emergency, called 911, went to retrieve an AED, and immediately began chest compressions," the release noted. "These actions contributed to a successful resuscitation and the individual was able to walk out of the hospital just a few weeks later."

The quick-thinking of these everyday citizens saved the life of this individual and this story got a happy ending.

Even happier was the fact that on March 18, 2022, Casper Fire-EMS presented these everyday heroes with 'Citizen Challenge Coins' and Certificates of Recognition for their help with this medical emergency.

"We are proud to serve in a community that is willing to help each other in times of need," Casper Fire-EMS wrote.

It's not everyday you hear stories like this. It's even less when they have happy endings. And this story just goes to show that people don't need a cape and a cowl to be heroes. They just need some quick thinking, common sense, and compassion for their fellow man (or woman).

Well done, Casper. Eat your heart out, Justice League.

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