The kindness and willing to help others in need in Casper and literally all over the state of Wyoming, is one of things I love the most about this part of the country.

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Local resident, Rachel Chittim shared an awesome story to her Facebook page on Wednesday (October 6th, 2021), of a very thoughtful exchange that happened right here in Casper. On a trip to Mesa Primary Care to get a COVID-19 test, she ended up having a little bit of car trouble. Rachel posted:

A big shoutout to these guardsmen!! Yesterday I went to get a covid test at Mesa. When I arrived I was approached by one of the guardsmen informing me I had a flat tire. Without hesitation, these incredible men asked where my spare was and that they would change it for me. I am a firm believer that a good deed should not go unrecognized. I did not get their names but I want to thank them again and share their kindness. Thank you all for your service to not only our country but to our community.

Rachel also shared her experience in the "Casper Business Rants and Raves" private Facebook group where it already has almost 600 likes.

As a former military man myself, I love hearing about stories like this. It's not always something major, but even a seemingly small jester as changing a flat tire, can mean so much.

A big shout out to these four national guardsmen for their act of kindness. It once again proves that there are still good Samaritans in the world and that Casperites look out for one another.

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